Jury Deliberating in Michael Jackson Involuntary Manslaughter Case


By Michael Lewittes



After 49 witnesses and hundreds of pieces of evidence, the seven-man, five-woman jury begins to deliberate today in the involuntary manslaughter case of Michael Jackson, and the role Dr. Conrad Murray played in the superstar’s death.

What’s agreed on is that Jackson died from a fatal dose of propofol. What’s at issue is whether Murray, who admits he routinely gave Jackson the drug to sleep, administered the final, lethal injection and whether he was negligent in his care of the singer.

The defense has argued that Jackson craved the anesthetic so much, he actually injected himself with the final dose. “They want you to convict Dr. Murray for the actions of Michael Jackson,” Murray’s attorney Ed Chernoff told jurors. But prosecutor David Walgren countered, “Poor Conrad Murray.. Michael Jackson is dead. And we have to hear about poor Conrad Murray and no doctor knows what it’s like to be in his shoes.”

The prosecution pointed out that several of the doctors who testified, including some of the defense’s, agree Murray should not have been giving Jackson the powerful propofol in a home setting. Walgren blasted Murray for not telling medical personnel responding to Jackson that he had given him the sleeping drug, and that Murray, a cardiologist, was negligent for not having adequate monitoring and life-saving equipment.

“What is unusual and unpredictable is that Michael Jackson lived as long as he did under the care of Conrad Murray in this situation,” Walgren said. If convicted, Murray faces up to four years in jail and could lose his medical license. After all that you’ve seen and heard, what would you decide if you were a juror?

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