Ryan Seacrest Did Not Freak Out When Julianne Hough “Kissed” Diego Boneta

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By Daniel Gates

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Most people saw pictures of a bikini-clad Julianne Hough kissing Diego Boneta for a scene in Rock of Ages and thought nothing of it. That’s because most people who read celebrity news sites are adults with basic reasoning skills. They understand that sometimes people dress up as other people (or “characters”) and are filmed for motion pictures. These “characters” behave according to a script, which might, say, have them frolic in the waves and kiss. It’s all pretend.

When adults who use common sense see “characters” in action, they grasp this concept. Unfortunately, HollywoodLife also saw the Hough-Boneta photos (see right). The site claims “Dancing with the Stars” pro Hough’s beau Ryan Seacrest is “upset” about the pictures and “not happy” that his girlfriend is “smooching another man.” And to connect Seacrest to his girlfriend’s movie that’s allegedly making him “upset,” the blog included an inset photo of him.

So, let’s see how far HollywoodLies, as it’s known, goes with this (ridiculous) premise! “The ‘Dancing with the Stars’ cast and crew were told not to discuss Julianne’s kissing scene in her new movie while in the CBS building,” a so-called “insider” tells the site. “‘Idol’ is filmed there as well, and Ryan often passes by the ‘DWTS’ people. He does not want it addressed and especially in his presence,” explains the “insider.” “He would like to pretend his girlfriend isn’t kissing anybody else, even if he understands it is her job.”

HollywoodLife finds Seacrest’s discomfort with the subject “understandable,” especially “now that the pictures have been released.” “Now that the pictures have been released”? Um, does the website think Seacrest may have been hoping Rock of Ages would be done as a radio play?

Seacrest has known for a while that Hough was doing the movie. He’s known that the movie sees her make physical contact with another man. None of this comes as a horrible surprise to him. He’s not a 6th grader whose jealousy is inflamed by people talking in the hallways about his girlfriend’s screen kiss.

In any case, a source close to Seacrest tells Gossip Cop the story is “ridiculous.” Once again, HollywoodLife makes the mistake of assuming the people it covers are every bit as immature as its own mindset.

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