Everyone Hates Julianne and Derek Hough?

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By Daniel Gates


According to Star magazine, Julianne and Derek Hough might be fan favorites, but “they’re less than popular on the set of Dancing with the Stars.”

The tabloid’s sources claim the brother and sister have “alienated” cast and crew members with their “snobby behavior and diva demands.” Julianne left the program in 2009 but recently returned to perform with her Footloose co-star Kenny Wormald.

“Everyone behind the scenes is upset that the show is so centered around the Houghs,” explains a so-called “insider” for Star, adding that irritated personnel have “jokingly retitled the show Dancing with the Houghs!” A different source insists that fame has gone to Julianne’s head, with producers “generally fawning all over her” during her stint last week. Meanwhile, Derek is supposedly “always requesting special treatment” and walking around “like he’s Brad Pitt,” says Star. “His attitude is wearing thin on the rest of the cast and crew.” Uh-huh.

First of all, we find it hard to believe that Julianne Hough could return to “Dancing with the Stars” for one night and be a completely different person than the pro well-liked by fans and colleagues alike for many years. Meanwhile, no one involved with DWTS could corroborate Star‘s premise that either Hough had “alienated” anyone else there. A source close to the show tells Gossip Cop the brother and sister duo “aren’t divas in any way, shape or form” and rejects Star‘s allegation that anyone demands “special treatment.”

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