Julia Roberts NOT Getting Divorce From Danny Moder, Despite Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Julia Roberts Divorce

By Daniel Gates


Julia Roberts Divorce


Julia Roberts and Danny Moder are not set for divorce, despite a new report that’s making waves. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this alleged split story. It comes from Star, a magazine that frequently puts phony divorces on its cover, probably because such sensationalism sells better than the often boring reality of couples being perfectly fine.

Just two weeks ago, Gossip Cop busted Star for its bogus Reese Witherspoon “divorce shocker” story, which was made up. Two weeks before that was an alleged Justin Timberlake-Jessica Biel “divorce shocker” story, which was also fabricated. In June, there was the supposed Channing Tatum-Jenna Dewan “divorce shocker story, which was totally fake. Do you notice a pattern?

When Star has nothing useful to report, which is often, the tabloid makes up a famous couple’s “divorce” for an attention-grabbing cover story. And then the divorce never happens, because Star made it up.

To make it seem as though its “sources” are clued in, the magazine often puts a purported price tag on the “divorce;” in this case, Roberts and Moder are primed for a “$225 million” breakup. But that figure, just like most of the details in the story, is a figment of Star’s imagination, a bit of phony specificity that makes it seem as though Star has inside information.

Star has no inside information. If Star had inside information, it wouldn’t consistently print completely false stories. In any case, this latest iteration alleges that Roberts and Moder have been fighting for months, with Roberts supposedly stifling Moder’s professional ambitions and worrying that he might cheat. There’s no actual evidence of the couple’s marriage crumbling. In fact, you could probably replace Roberts and Moder’s names with the last half-dozen celebrity couples Star has said this about, and have a nearly identical story.

Back in reality, Gossip Cop has checked with multiple sources, none of whom could verify any part of the “divorce” story. One insider tells Gossip Cop that it seems like Star is just “fishing for controversy.” We don’t look forward to the next phony Star “divorce shocker.”

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