Judge Orders Woman To Be Pepper Sprayed In Court By Her Victim (VIDEO)

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judge pepper spray

By James Crugnale


judge pepper spray


A woman was ordered by an Ohio judge to be pepper sprayed in court by a man she attacked. On Thursday, Diamond Gaston was being sentenced for having recently pepper sprayed a relative in the face while he was at work at a Burger King. In his sentencing of Gaston, Judge Michael Cicconetti gave her the choice between going to jail for 30 days or being pepper sprayed herself. Gaston decided to take the unusual “eye for an eye” punishment and braced for the worst as she was then sprayed in the face. Watch the video below!

In an interesting twist, the pepper spray that was shot at Gaston was actually just a harmless saline mixture. Cicconetti told ABC News that he just wanted to scare Gaston. “It was a family-feud type situation at a Burger King, and the victim ended up losing five hours of work that day he got pepper-sprayed,” said Cicconetti, adding, “I like to give the victims a feeling of vengeance.” Cicconetti, who wanted to give the victim the opportunity to strike back at his attacker, tested the safe alternative by shooting the solution in his own face a few times before court.

Watch the video below of Diamond Gaston getting “pepper” sprayed in the face by her victim, and tell us what you think of the judge’s unusual punishment?

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