Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell “Over Already,” Claims Tabloid

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By Michael Lewittes

(Life & Style)

Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell are “over already,” blares the cover of Life & Style, which claims the “Bachelor” couple has “barely spoken” since the show ended.

The magazine reports that the soccer player has “gotten cozy with a bevy of ladies from L.A. to Miami,” quoting a purported “insider” as saying, “He has absolutely no boundaries. He’s a ladies’ man.”

According to the tab, Juan Pablo has even “developed a strategy for hitting on women on the down-low.”

The supposed “source” alleges, “If he thinks a girl is cute, he’ll have his cousin or friend go get her number for him or invite her into his group.”

Life & Style’s “insider” goes on to claim, “He doesn’t seem interested in bringing this relationship forward. He’s not making any effort to maintain and foster it.”

If that’s really true, then why did Juan Pablo just release a romantic video about his and Ferrell’s relationship?

And why did the couple give a joint interview to People about their romance on Wednesday?

Of course, given the fate of many “Bachelor” couples, along with Juan Pablo’s controversial behavior on the show, it’s possible he and Ferrell won’t last.

But for now, the pair is very much still together.

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