Juan Pablo Won’t Tell Nikki He Loves Her On Painfully Uncomfortable After the Final Rose Special (VIDEO)

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By Michael Lewittes



Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell opened up on Monday’s “The Bachelor: After the Final Rose” special about their relationship since the show ended.

Nikki came out first on her own, and told Chris Harrison, “We’ve been really happy. It’s been great.”


She revealed she’s “absolutely” still in love with Juan Pablo, but said he hasn’t told her that he loves her.

Juan Pablo then came out to join her, and explained his decision.

“If I’m not prepared I’m not gonna propose,” he shared.

Harrison then said Juan Pablo told the network executives that he had a surprise for the night, but the soccer player acted dumbfounded and said he had no surprise.


Harrison went on to drill Juan Pablo about whether or not he loves Nikki, which was very uncomfortable for everyone.

End result: The Bachelor would NOT say he loved her.

Harrison then asked what the pair’s plans for the future were, but they really didn’t seem to have any.

Catherine Giudici, who won Sean Lowe’s season of the “Bachelor,” chimed in from the audience, “Don’t slap the hand that fed you,” criticizing Juan Pablo for refusing to discuss his feelings for Nikki when he willingly went on a reality show.

Harrison ended the show by saying, “Congratulations? I think that’s the right thing to say?”

“12 years I’ve been doing this, and this is a first,” the host added.

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