Juan Pablo In Final Bachelor Blog Post: I Got Exactly What I Wanted

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By Daniel Gates

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Juan Pablo’s final “The Bachelor” blog entry has been posted to People — more than a week after the show ended in controversy and outrage.

The hunk, who left the series dating his “love” Nikki Ferrell but widely vilified for his behavior, tries to explain himself in the piece — although he apparently does not get to say everything he wants to say.

“FINALLY, my LAST @peoplemag BLOG is out. UNFORTUNATELY, THINGS I wrote were cut OUT bc I would BREACH my contract with NZK Production,” he tweeted on Thursday.

What are the highlights of Juan Pablo’s censored, final blog post?

“My bachelor adventure comes to an end, but now I’m thrilled and so grateful that real life – and the real journey of Nikki, me and our life together – really begins,” he begins. Juan Pablo says, “I believe my direct approach and honesty unfortunately ended up hurting some of the women and that was never my intention.”

“I have always cared deeply about the women and have stayed true to myself and wanted to be respectful of them and not waste their time,” continues the reality star. “I believe I have a different style than others who have been on this show.”

He says that “everything seemed to be so nice and beautiful” as he began “The Bachelor” process, and describes the filming as “great.” Juan Pablo takes the position that the “end result” was “not what anyone expected or wanted, because the show has the proposal as the perfect ending,” and he values “what is real and the respect for a father” as being more important “than making a perfect TV show.”

“After I gave mi catira (my blondie) the final rose, I felt a sense of relief and joy, because our four months of being together in secret was starting,” he explains. “As I told her dad, that was going to be the big test. If we could make it through that, we were heading on the right track.” But that’s not how things turned out.

“Then the show aired and the hours of filming (a wild guess – over 1000), talking, crying, laughing, smiling, swimming, dancing, eating, running, posing, playing soccer, OGOing, shooting, my family, concerts, bungee jumping, karaoke, learning about different cultures, attending a Little League game, helping charities, cocktail parties, more talking, etc. were reduced to what is called The Bachelor,” laments Juan Pablo.

Editing aside, his portrayal did not always go over well with the viewing public. “Some people don’t like me, hate me and wish me the worst,” says Juan Pablo. “There are some that still see me as the guy before Vietnam, that cares about his daughter, that cares about other people (especially the 27 women who took the time to meet me), jokes around a lot, is sarcastic, likes to dance, drama-free, who wants a family and is very honest – like I said before, maybe too honest for this reality show – and it’s okay.”

He writes that one of the things that “hurt me the most” was seeing his friends and family “suffering with how I was being portrayed and misjudged in the media.” Juan Pablo thanks his loved ones, as well as the show’s producers, stylists and network executives. “Even though it’s hard to believe, I have great memories out of all of this – I learned many things and it made me stronger than before,” he says.

He declares, “I’m happy, truly happy, with my decision and I cannot wait to go to the movies, eat McDonald’s, take Camila for a swim, go to Disney, baseball games, concerts and being able to give mi catira all the love without hiding from everyone.”

“At the end of the day, all I want to be is happy and I found what I signed up for: I found mi catira. She’s the woman from After the Final Rose that you saw as my girlfriend. Nikki has been that way to me for a few months already,” says Juan Pablo.

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