Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Meet With Marriage Counselors (PHOTO)

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By Shari Weiss



Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell met with marriage counselors on Tuesday to learn how to have “an equal and grounded relationship.”

“Marriage Boot Camp” stars Jim and Elizabeth Carroll spent more than two hours giving advice to “The Bachelor” couple, who did not get engaged on the finale, with Elizabeth posting a photo on Twitter Wednesday that shows the foursome laughing and smiling. “Lunch with @JuanPaGalavis @Nikki_Ferrell @JimMBC LOVELY COUPLE Terrible to be misunderstood criticized publicly,” she wrote.

In an interview with Celebuzz, Jim says the pair are “so ready to start on the journey to a real relationship” now that the reality series has concluded. “Juan Pablo is very masculine and is uncompromising, while Nikki is nurturing — and if they can learn to compromise, they can become a really strong couple,” he notes.

In fact, Jim and Elizabeth put the duo to the test, asking them to “bring up an area of conflict they were having and one conflict right now they wanted to resolve.” “And they were really open to us coaching them through it,” he says.

Elizabeth explains, “They have all the challenges that every normal couple has. It’s about how do they have compatibility and are healthy and growing” — along with a few unusual problems, such as “How do we navigate the conflicts and with what he just got blasted with [in the media].”

The therapist goes on to admit, “Before we went to the lunch we thought, ‘oh boy, here we go, we’re getting into a wrestling match.’ And we were genuinely surprised how open and fun they were.”

“I think they both came to the show thinking ‘This sounds like fun, let’s enjoy the opportunity and find the love of our lives.’ That’s not always reality,” says Elizabeth. “Once they got out, they were genuine and authentic in finding out if they are compatible and can make this work.”

“They’re not fake,” she adds, with Jim sharing, “They were touching each other and holding each other’s hands. You could tell they had already been working on their issues before they met with us.”


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