Juan Pablo Makes Shocking Elimination After Hometown Dates on The Bachelor

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By Michael Lewittes



Juan Pablo visited the remaining four ladies’ hometowns on Monday’s episode of “The Bachelor,” and was completely rebuffed by one woman’s strong-minded father. Check out the video below!

First, the Bachelor traveled to Kansas City to meet Nikki’s family. The pair rode mechanical bulls and hung out around the southern city before he was introduced to her parents, who seemed to approve of their relationship.

Juan Pablo then visited Andi’s family in Atlanta, and had a very tough time meeting Andi’s dad.

Andi’s father did not approve of the Bachelor dating three girls in addition to his daughter. During a private talk with Juan Pablo, her dad asked him, “What in the world made you want to go on this show?”

He then told Andi he wasn’t sure whether the soccer player was “good enough” for his daughter, saying, “He’s dating three other people.”

After the date, Andi’s father told her, “He can go home by himself.”

Andi thought the date went pretty well, not knowing what her dad had said to Juan Pablo.

She also confessed to the camera that she’s “close” to falling in love with him.

Next, Juan Pablo went to meet Renee and her son Ben in Florida. Juan Pablo bonded with Ben at his baseball game, and later told the camera, “I can’t wait to have a son.”

He then met Renee’s parents and brother, and Renee told her mother, “I’m totally crazy madly in love with him.”

Next up was Sacramento, where Juan Pablo met up with Clare, her six older sisters and her mother.

Clare’s sister Madeline asked her whether she would say yes if the Bachelor proposed, and Clare said “yes.”

But Clare’s sister Laura did not approve of the relationship, and told Clare she was “manipulating” and “disrespecting” her mother.

Laura wouldn’t even let Clare’s mom speak, and continued to talk over her, making Clare cry.

Finally, Laura left, and Juan Pablo shared some positive one-on-one time with Clare’s mom.

After the evening, Clare told the camera, “If he can look past my crazy family, I would love to marry him. I would love it. I would absolutely love it.”

During the rose ceremony, Juan Pablo decided to send Renee home.

Renee was a wreck, and all Juan Pablo said to comfort her was, “I think you’re great.”

Part 2 of the episode, featuring the Fantasy Suite dates, airs on Tuesday, February 25.

Check out video from the hometown dates below, and tell us what you think!


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