Jose Canseco: My Finger FELL OFF While I Played Poker (GRAPHIC PHOTO)

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Jose Canseco Finger Fell Off

By Daniel Gates


Jose Canseco Finger Fell Off

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Jose Canseco says his finger just fell off during a poker tournament. As Gossip Cop previously reported, the former baseball player accidentally shot off the digit last month and had it reattached. But according to a series of tweets from Canseco, there was a gruesome development this week.

On Friday, Canseco tweeted, “Dam I was playing in a poker tournament last night and something crazy happened to my finger that I shot off and they put back on. I knew something crazy was going to happen with this dam finger cause it felt like it was falling off.”

“Ok well I might as well tell you. I was playing in a poker tournament last night and my finger fell off. Someone took a video of it,” he continued. “My finger should have been amputated from the beginning. It was very loose with no bone to connect it. It was also smelling really bad.”

Canseco went on to say, “This guy called my agent and sold him the video of my finger falling off. It looks kinda funny lol. I want to see the video I haven’t even seen it yet .” Shortly thereafter, he wrote, “Dammm I thought the guy was funny meaning kidding just saw the video. OMG.”

He seemed to be in pretty good spirits about the whole situation, joking, “I could probably hit a softball further with 9 fingers. less weight means more bat speed. Lol… I bet a long time ago you could easily loose a finger a hand or even your life in a poker game if you couldn’t pay up.” Canseco later wrote, “I put my finger in the freezer anyone want finger appetizers. Or is it finger snacks.”

As of now, no video of the finger falling off has surfaced, but Canseco did supply one unsettling image. He tweeted, “This is my finger before it fell off. Maybe I will sell it on ebay after all that finger hit 462 mlb home runs,” along with a graphic picture of his hand. Click here to see, if you’re so inclined.

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