Jonah Hill: Entertainment Weekly Fabricated Quotes About Royal Visit


By Daniel Gates

(Getty Images)

Entertainment Weekly‘s eyes were focussed on Prince William and Duchess Kate at Saturday evening’s BAFTA event in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the outlet’s “ears” wandered off.

Jonah Hill says EW fabricated quotes from him in their round-up from the night, and Zooey Deschanel claims her own words were taken out of context. “I have to be on my best behavior tonight,” the site quotes Hill as saying of the William and Kate gala. “Hopefully they don’t put me at the kid’s table based on the type of movies I’ve made.”

Referring to the Belasco Theater’s metal detectors, Hill supposedly said, “I guess they don’t care how many hit singles J. Lo has had or how many Oscars Tom Hanks has or how many people saw Superbad. We all had to get the shakedown.” One tiny problem. Hill didn’t say those things.

“Entertainment weekly made up quotes from me,” tweeted the actor. “Never said a word of this.” Deschanel echoed Hill’s sentiments, tweeting at him, “You’re not the only one! Half the stuff I said last night was taken completely out of context.”

The EW article quotes Deschanel as questioning the choice of venue (“This seems like a strange place to do it… there are parking lots filled with trash around the corner”) and talking about how she responded to her BAFTA invitation. Deschanel doesn’t mention on Twitter which portion was taken out of context. Jason Bateman is also quoted at length in the piece. EW is usually a source of very solid reporting and attention to detail. But it looks like something went haywire last night.

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