John Travolta Reuniting with Kirstie Alley For Sitcom Because of Gay Rumors?

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By Daniel Gates

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John Travolta is guest starring on Kirstie Alley’s new sitcom “in a desperate attempt to make fans forget his numerous gay scandals,” claims the National Enquirer in a supremely absurd story.

The tabloid, which has spread false rumors about both Travolta and Alley for years, alleges that the actor hopes his appearance on the TV Land series “Kirstie” will distract his fans “from the lawsuits and sordid stories that have plagued him.” Of course, the Enquirer is responsible for many of those bogus stories.

Regardless, the magazine which once predicted Alley would be dead by now is once again playing the guessing game, trusting a so-called “pal” who insists Travolta is doing the show to dispel gay rumors.

“He’s hoping that by playing a macho guy who beds Kirstie’s character he’ll be able to put some of his scandals behind him,” says the Enquirer source. Uh… what? Has Travolta not been sufficiently “macho” for the Enquirer on the big screen? Even when, for instance, he’s literally trying to hunt and kill Robert De Niro in the woods? He needs to guest star on a TV Land sitcom to prove he’s not gay?

Setting aside the Enquirer’s trouble with logic, Gossip Cop asked a source close to the situation about Travolta’s decision to reunite with his Look Who’s Talking co-star Alley. We’re told he simply wanted to work again with the actress and thought it’d be fun. The source tells Gossip Cop the Enquirer report is “ludicrous.”

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National Enquirer

John Travolta and Kirstie Allen are reuniting for a sitcom because of gay rumours.

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