VIDEO: John Oliver Declares War On Pumpkin Spice Lattes

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John Oliver Pumpkin Spice

By Daniel Gates


John Oliver Pumpkin Spice


John Oliver slams pumpkin spice lattes in a hilarious new web exclusive in which the “Last Week Tonight” host takes aim at the seasonal beverage he claims “tastes like a candle.”

The comedian’s takedown of Americans’ autumnal love affair with pumpkin-flavored coffee manages to include jokes about Ryan Seacrest and Dr. Dre, as well as the stunning statistic that people eat more than five pounds of pumpkin per year.

“What is strange is that pumpkin spice foods seem to grow more omnipresent every year, even though there’s no actual pumpkin in the drinks,” declares Oliver. “Kind of like how everyone you meet calls himself a DJ all of a sudden, when what they really mean is that they own an iPod and have been to a party.”

Are you ready to join the pumpkin spice latte backlash?

Check out the video below!


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