John Oliver: “New Year’s Eve Is The Worst” (VIDEO)

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John Oliver New Years Eve

By Daniel Gates


John Oliver New Years Eve


John Oliver explains why New Year’s Eve is “the worst” in a new web-exclusive video from “Last Week Tonight.” “It combines three of the least pleasant things known to mankind,” he says. “Forced interaction with strangers; being drunk, cold and tired; and having to stare at Ryan Seacrest for five solid minutes, waiting for him to tell you what the time is.” Check out the video below!

To help viewers avoid some of the worst possible New Year’s Eve scenarios, Oliver gives some advice. For instance, you do NOT want to wind up in a strip club, says Oliver, “unless Ebola goes airborne, and the only cure is glitter.”

Oliver is not a fan of New Year’s Eve house parties, either, because they have to last so long. “That’s a five-hour commitment, if you leave at 12:01 a.m.,” says the host. “Think of it this way: Do you really want to sit on your friend’s sofa and watch hummus turn brown all night? No. Nobody does.” He suggests using the excuse that you’re “on a cleanse,” because it guarantees no follow-up questions: “No one wants to hear about your f*cking cleanse.”

“The best way to celebrate the spirit of New Year’s Eve is by lying,” declares Oliver. What do you think? Check out the video below!

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