John Cusack: Hollywood Is ‘Whorehouse,’ Films Becoming ‘Almost Like Kiddie Porn’

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John Cusack Hollywood

By Daniel Gates

John Cusack Hollywood

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John Cusacks new movie Maps to the Stars takes aim at Hollywood’s dark side — and the actor himself slams the movie industry in a new interview with The Guardian.

Referring to his opportunistic therapist character in the movie, Cusack tells the outlet, “L.A. seems to be a place where a guy can say he’s a ‘life-coach-channeller-masseur.’ It just seems to be ripe with all these frontier crazies.”

He adds, “People are looking to turn their pain into beautiful art, but they also want to be famous. And there’s so much money – so of course all the predators come in.”

Cusack is particularly outraged by Hollywood’s celebration of the very young at the expense of everyone else.

“I got another 15, 20 years before they say I’m old,” he explains. “For women it’s brutal. [Maps to the Stars writer Bruce Wagner’s] thing about if you’re 26, you’re menopausal? It’s only absurd because it’s a little bit further than the truth.”

Cusack explains, “I have actress friends who are being put out to pasture at 29. They just want to open up another can of hot 22. It’s becoming almost like kiddie porn. It’s f*cking weird.”

And the star says things have changed for the worse for young actors since he got into show business 30 years ago.

“People would look after you when I was a kid,” he says. “There were good people in the business. When I came to L.A. Rob Reiner said: ‘Come stay at my house.’ He taught me. I worked with [Al] Pacino [in 1996 crime drama City Hall]. Pacino would talk to you and mentor you. Now it’s different. The culture just eats young actors up and spits them out. It’s a hard thing to survive without finding safe harbor.”

What does he make of corporate, franchise-ruled Hollywood?

“You can’t make it up,” laments Cusack. “It’s a whorehouse and people go mad.”

One young star Cusack thinks is going about things the right way?

His Maps to the Stars co-star Robert Pattinson.

“I think it’s very wise – and speaks highly of Robert that he’s formed a thing with [director] David [Cronenberg]. He can try to be good and have a space where he’s not just this product that’s going to be followed around by TMZ. That speaks to the healthier instincts of the guy. I don’t know if there’s that space for other people.”

But Cusack remains unhappy about the overall state of Hollywood.

“Why wouldn’t you have contempt for the movie business?” he asks. “It sucks most of the time.”

What do you think of what Cusack says?

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