“Joel, The Lump Of Coal” Christmas Song By The Killers And Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)

Joel The Lump Of Coal video

By Michael Lewittes

Joel The Lump Of Coal video


Jimmy Kimmel collaborated with The Killers to write a new Christmas song called “Joel, The Lump Of Coal” (video below). Every year since 2006 the band has recorded a special Christmas song, with proceeds going to the RED campaign. In the past, The Killers have teamed up with the band Dawes, Neil Tennant and Elton John, among others.

Kimmel said on Monday’s show that he was “flattered” when the band asked him to work with them on this year’s Christmas song. He then related how “we got together, we kicked some ideas around, and the result is what, I believe, may very well be the greatest holiday song ever recorded by non-Chipmunks.” The late-night host then showed footage of him brainstorming with The Killers on the song, “Joel, The Lump of Coal.”

Kimmel first walked into a recording studio where The Killers were and said, “Who’s ready to make a Christmas classic”? He tried to get everyone into the holiday spirit by handing out really tacky Christmas sweaters. Then it was time for him to pitch ideas, which included “A Very YOLO Christmas” and even a song about a grandmother who doesn’t get run over by a reindeer, but instead gets run over by a fat family waiting on line on Black Friday to a Blu-ray player.

Eventually, Kimmel came up with the idea to rhyme something with North Pole. After a few tries about someone with a mole, the host said, “What if we made a lump of coal a character like Frost The Snowman.” And bingo, “Joel, The Lump Of Coal” song was hatched!

The Killers then wrote the song about Joel, a lump of coal, recorded it, and Kimmel aired the video for it on Monday’s show. The music video incorporated live action and the type of stop motion used for “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer.” The song and video for “Joel, The Lump Of Coal” are awesome. Check it out below!

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