Rihanna At Center of Site’s Phony Joe Jonas and Shia LaBeouf Feud

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By Daniel Gates

Joe Jonas Shia LaBeouf


As HollywoodLife becomes more and more of a joke, its “reports” get funnier and funnier.

A new Joe JonasShia LaBeouf feud rumor is especially ridiculous. According to the site, which furnishes a photo (right) of the two men walking past each other, “There might be new drama in Disney,” as the two actors were “icy-cold” to each other and “nearly collide[d] on the sidewalk!” (If you’re confused about LaBeouf’s status as a “Disney” actor, that’s because his Disney Channel series “Even Stevens” ended eight years ago. HollywoodLife doesn’t get out much.)

Anyway, why were LaBeouf and Jonas allegedly “annoyed” as they passed each other on Sunset Plaza in Los Angeles? HollywoodLife wonders, “Could it be they are asserting their masculinity in the wake of rumors that BOTH have hooked up with Rihanna?”

Let’s get this straight: Because there have been wrong Rihanna and Jonas hooking up rumors, as well as false reports linking her to LaBeouf, the two men are supposedly having some kind of cold war? HollywoodLife argues, “That might explain why they were so intent on ignoring each other” on the sidewalk. Hmm, well that’s one possibility. Back in reality, however, it’s more likely, if you look at the photo, that two guys passed on the street and didn’t recognize each other.

We know HollywoodLife thinks Jonas is supposed to be incredibly close with anyone who had a Disney show 10 years ago (?), and we know the site believes LaBeouf and Jonas are rivals in totally fictional romances with Rihanna, but we’re just not buying this nonsense. A source close to Jonas assures Gossip Cop there’s “nothing going on” between him and Rihanna, and adds that the singer and LaBeouf don’t even know each other.

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Rihanna is causing tension between Joe Jonas and Shia LaBeouf.

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