Joe Giudice Rejects, Then Accepts Plea Deal For Driver’s License Fraud — But Won’t Actually Serve More Prison Time

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Joe Giudice Plea Deal Prison Sentence

By Shari Weiss

Joe Giudice Plea Deal Prison Sentence

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Joe Giudice accepted a plea deal at the last minute on Wednesday at his court hearing for driver’s license fraud and forgery charges. But the convicted businessman won’t serve any more time than the 41-month sentence he was already handed for other crimes earlier this month.

As Gossip Cop reported, the husband of Teresa Giuidice was in state court for his March 2011 arrest for allegedly using his brother’s identifying documents to obtain a driver’s license in 2010. Giudice’s own license had been suspended following a drunk driving conviction.

In the plea deal, Giudice pleaded guilty to possession of a fraudulent New Jersey driver’s license — an agreement he initially rejected at the start of the hearing, with his lawyer explaining that the reality star “maintains his innocence.”

But once the judge warned the decision could not be reversed, Giudice took time to speak with his attorney. After an hours-long negotiation during an adjournment, it was announced he would accept the deal after all.

Giudice ultimately did not take responsibility for obtaining the license, but simply having it with his own picture but his brother’s information.

The official sentencing is slated to take place next March, though it’s expected to consist of an 18-month prison sentence to be served concurrently with his 41-month sentence for bankruptcy and mortgage fraud. He had faced up to 10 years had he gone to trial.

Giudice will also have his license suspended for at least six months, and get a fine. He also still faces the possibility of deportation when his prison term is complete.

He won’t surrender, however, until Teresa — who was not in court — serves her own 15-month sentence. That means he’ll likely be without a license while caring for their four children.

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