WATCH VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Finds People Who Say They Saw Martin Luther King, Jr. Give Speech On Monday

Truth rating: 10
Martin Luther King Jimmy Kimmel

By Daniel Gates


Martin Luther King Jimmy Kimmel


Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” featured what the host described as “perhaps the most disturbing edition ever of Lie Witness News.” In honor of Martin Luther King Day, a camera crew went out and asked people about the “speech” Dr. King supposedly gave that morning. Of course, Dr. King has been dead since 1968. But people are stupid. Watch the video below.

Here’s how Kimmel introduced the bit: “About once a week, we go out on the street and ask pedestrians ridiculous questions. Once, we asked if it was appropriate to make a movie about the ‘true story’ of Godzilla, because he killed so many people… usually it takes us a while to find enough people who are dopey enough to put a whole thing together. Sometimes it takes hours out there. Today, on Martin Luther King Day, this took almost no time at all. We asked 14 people if they saw the speech Dr. King gave this morning… and seven of them said they had.”

So get ready to squirm as a series of adult Americans, on Martin Luther King Day, pretend they saw him speak from the Capitol just hours ago. “I was shocked,” said one pedestrian. “I couldn’t believe it. I was like, how could it happen? I haven’t heard him talk for a while.”

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