Jimmy Kimmel Transformed Into Talking Pig, Shocks Little Kids (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Kimmel Talking Pig

By Daniel Gates


Jimmy Kimmel Talking Pig


Jimmy Kimmel transformed himself into a talking pig and messed with little kids in a hilarious segment on Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

The talk show host explained, “Those of you who are parents know that children love animals, especially talking animals.” He continued, “You know, kids see talking animals on TV and in the movies, and they love them, but I always wondered how they would react if they saw a talking animal in real life.”

With some Hollywood makeup art wizardry, Kimmel was made to look like a very realistic-looking pig and then placed in a pen at a “state fair.” When a “farmer” brought two young girls to meet the pig, Kimmel shocked them by opening his mouth and speaking, begging them to keep his talent a secret from the farmer. “We do not let him know that I can talk,” Kimmel told the kids, “because if he finds out he is going to want to keep me forever, and then I won’t be able to come live at your houses with you.” Hilarity and moral dilemmas ensued. We’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing “Jimmy the amazing, talking pig” in our nightmares for a while. Check out the video below, and tell us what you think!

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