Jimmy Kimmel And Stephen Colbert Declare Love For Each Other (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Kimmel Stephen Colbert Video Late Show

By Shari Weiss


Jimmy Kimmel Stephen Colbert Video Late Show


Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert declared their love for each other on Friday’s “Late Show.” Watch below!

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host was a guest on his competitor’s show, and mockingly teased him about going on vacation next week after only hosting the “Late Show” for six weeks. The two went on to bond over their mutual agent, amusingly revealing all of the guy’s quirks. And since the agent works with a lot of late-night personalities, Colbert declared him to be the real “King of Late Night.”

He then said to Kimmel, “Speaking about that ‘King of Late Night’ thing, people want us to fight and everything like that. Isn’t that crazy?” Kimmel acknowledged, “It’s a weird thing. I think it was established with Letterman and Leno, and people just thought it would continue.”

Colbert, however, assured Kimmel, “I like you, though.” Kimmel went a little further. “Thank you. I like you, too. I may even love you,” he replied, adding, “If you died, I’d cry like a baby. God forbid.”

That prompted Colbert to quip, “If I didn’t have a show, I would come to your funeral.” Check out the full video below, and tell us what you think of the timeslot rivals teaming up!

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