Jimmy Kimmel Proves Apple’s Siri Would Make For Awful Real-Life Waitress (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Kimmel Siri Waitress Video

By Michael Lewittes


Jimmy Kimmel Siri Waitress Video


Jimmy Kimmel said on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” that Apple’s Siri was found to be the “worst” voice-activated system in a recent study conducted by AAA and the University of Utah, and to prove it he showed how awful Siri would be as a real-life waitress.

“We would not put up with Siri in any situation in life,” he said, adding, “Imagine what it would be like if Siri was a waitress.” Kimmel then walked across the stage and sat down at a table, where he was greeted by “Siri” the waitress. When the comedian asked for a coffee, he was given directions to the local Starbucks. “I don’t want Starbucks,” he said. “You know what, just bring be a Coca-Cola.” And after he switched he was told, “The time in Angola, Zaire is 1:16 a.m.”

Kimmel decided against a drink and ordered a chicken Caesar salad. “I found five results for “wicked Weezer ballads,” responded Siri. After Kimmel’s second attempt to order the salad, Siri tried to make him a reservation at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. The more he asked of Siri, the more insane it got. Check out the hilarious video below, and tell us what you think! Note: Video no longer available.

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