WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Helps Fan Propose To Girlfriend With Scavenger Hunt!

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Jimmy Kimmel Surprise Proposal Video

By Michael Lewittes


Jimmy Kimmel Surprise Proposal Video


Jimmy Kimmel helped a fan propose to his girlfriend by sending her on a fake scavenger hunt that ended with a surprise engagement on Wednesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” In order to pull off the ruse, the late-night host told the audience that he was “filled with the holiday” spirit and thought it would be “fun to play a game with prizes involved.”

“It’s time for the ‘Hollywood Blvd. Scavenger Hunt,'” Kimmel announced. The comedian’s sidekick Guillermo had a bingo hopper filled with balls, with each ball having a number corresponding to a seat in the audience. Guillermo announced seat “37” as the winner. A spotlight then shined on one woman, before Kimmel said, “I am sorry, we screwed up. You are in seat 37,” pointing to a different woman.

That woman, a brunette named Sandra, then met Kimmel on stage, where he told her that for the “scavenger hunt, she needed to go onto Hollywood Boulevard (right outside the studio) and get someone dressed in an Elmo costume, a random person’s scarf, a life-size cardboard cutout of a celebrity, a license plate with her name on it (from a nearby novelty shop), and a Christmas tree topper.

As soon as Sandra left the studio, Kimmel explained to the audience that this entire scavenger hunt was a set up. “Sandra was not randomly chosen,” he said. “In fact, all of the balls have the same number on them. Sandra’s boyfriend David reached out to us and asked if we can help him propose to her.” Kimmel said, “Sandra thinks David is home in Orange County, but in fact the guy in the Elmo costume out there” is her boyfriend, while showing footage of her on the street with a man dressed as Elmo. “That’s him,” Kimmel added, “That’s the guy that is going to propose to her.” The audience couldn’t help but say aw! The host then asked everyone to act natural when she returns.

Cameras followed Sandra on Hollywood Boulevard as she grabbed each item with ease, with “Elmo” by her side. Sandra took a tree topper off the only Christmas tree on Hollywood Boulevard near the studio and even ripped a scarf off one random pedestrian’s neck as she was running back into the show. Once inside, Kimmel asked Sandra if she had a boyfriend. Even though she said, “Yes,” Kimmel said she had to give “Elmo” a kiss. The host then prompted the person in the Elmo suit to take off his costume’s head. Sandra laughed and shook her head when she realized it was her David.

David cleverly had the ring stored in the Christmas tree topper, and as he removed the box, Sandra said, “No,” in disbelief. Kimmel warned her, “Don’t say, ‘No.'” David then got down on one knee and told his girlfriend, “From the moment we met, you captured my heart, but it has taken me a while to figure out how to ask you, ‘Will you marry me?'” Sandra said, “Yes!” Kimmel then congratulated the newly engaged couple and joked that they should bring the Elmo costume on their honeymoon to “spice things up.” Check out the adorable video below, and tell us what you think of David’s proposal!

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