WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Hosts Monuments Men Cast, Everyone Mocks Matt Damon

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By Daniel Gates



The cast of The Monuments Men visited Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday. It was very entertaining from the start, but things really got going once the host begrudgingly brought out his longtime enemy Matt Damon.

“I am being told I have to bring out our next guess,” explained Kimmel. “Our next guest is an actor at best, who only has one Oscar. He is only here because the band didn’t show up. Please welcome the least of The Monuments Men, Matt Damon.”

The actor was left to stand awkwardly, until he finally asked the talk show host, “I’m sorry do I get a f*cking chair?” Kimmel sent Guillermo to get Damon a little chair that was made for a child. George Clooney, Cate Blanchett, Bill Murray and the rest of the stars played along, mocking Damon as he sat and stewed. Kimmel proceeded to show a clip of Damon wearing wet briefs in his HBO film Behind the Candelabra instead of one of his scenes from The Monuments Men. “It’s not the same movie,” said a frustrated Damon.

Kimmel later asked Clooney what Damon would be working on next, even though the Good Will Hunting star was sitting right there. “Well, Matt’s been auditioning for a cereal commercial,” explained Clooney, “and I think he got a really good shot at getting it. And he is doing some interpretive dance dinner theatre, which is a sort of an odd combination. It kinds of puts you off your feet when you see it.” He added, “You know things are going good. He’s got a lot of irons in the pot.” Check out the hilarious videos below, and tell us what you think!

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