VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Sidekick Guillermo Interviews Stars “Back to Back” At AMAs

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Taylor Swift Karlie Kloss Guillermo AMAs Video

By Michael Lewittes


Taylor Swift Karlie Kloss Guillermo AMAs Video


Jimmy Kimmel sent his sidekick Guillermo to the American Music Awards on Sunday to conduct his famously awkward “back-to-back” interviews with some of the biggest stars of the night, including Taylor Swift, One Direction and Jessie J. The hilarious footage aired on Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and as the late-night host explained, Guillermo has a “unique interviewing style” where he talks to celebrities while seated back-to-back.

Guillermo kicked off his interviews by giving 5 Seconds of Summer five seconds to say what they are thankful for. Unfortunately, the group had trouble understanding Guillermo’s accent, and they ended up describing what utensils are for instead of answering their interviewer’s Thanksgiving-themed question. Next up was Wyclef Jean, and Guillermo took the opportunity to show the musician a magic trick. “You see this tequila right here? I am going to make it disappear,” he told Jean before taking a shot. After Jean threw back his own shot, he noted, “Yo, this is real tequila!”

Guillermo continued to take shots of tequila with Luke Bryan and Ne-Yo. But when he tried to do one with Charli XCX, she explained, “I usually get really horny and vomit when I take shots.” The singer instead chose to dump the tequila on the floor before telling Guillermo, “I did it! I did it! It was so good, I am really horny now.”

Kimmel’s sidekick then did a twist on his “back-to-back” style of interviews with an “Exclusive Bum to Bum” chat with Jessie J. After touching rearends for a few seconds, Jessie J. said, “I don’t know what just happened, but it was fun.” Guillermo then shared a churro with Sam Smith, who thought it tasted “horrible.”

During his time with Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss, Guillermo pulled out some musical instruments for an impromptu jam session. “Did you play the recorder in high school?” Swift asked Kloss excitedly. “Because I did!” For his final interview, Guillermo had One Direction harmonize with him as they sang, “Back to you Jimmy Kimmel.” Check out the hilarious video below, and tell us what you think!

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