Jimmy Kimmel Tricks People With Fake Juice Made From Skittles, Fun Dip (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Kimmel Fake Juice

By Daniel Gates


Jimmy Kimmel Fake Juice


Jimmy Kimmel is really skeptical of the cold pressed juice trend. People are paying a lot of money for juice that’s supposedly revolutionary in its health benefits, and he suspects consumers will pretty much believe anything. So he set up a fake juice company (called “Jüce”) and filmed people drinking samples at a farmer’s market. What he didn’t tell them is that the juice was made from Skittles, Fun Dip, melted Creamsicles, and other totally unnatural ingredients. Watch the hilarious video below!

Kimmel’s Fun Dip blend was called “Soul,” and it prompted unwitting taste testers to declare things like, “I feel great… lighter… like a cleansing.” Another person said, “It feels refreshing, like you just drank something that’s good for you.” A happy taster noted, “I would drink it regularly… it’s not too sugary.” Someone else observed that it was “natural, [and] doesn’t taste chemically at all.”

When a woman was asked about the $19 price tag on “Cure” (which was nothing more than cheap powdered drink Tang), she said she’d pay it, because “your health is worth everything.” After downing “Detox” (melted Creamsicles), a duped gentleman announced, “I feel like i could go for a jog right now!”

Maybe the best of all was “Rainbow,” which was nothing more than blended Skittles. It prompted reactions like “organic… delicious” and “doesn’t taste too sweet at all.” One guy was even tricked into thinking he tasted “kale” in it. The whole thing is pretty hilarious. Watch the video below!

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