VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Tricks People With HUGE Fake “New” iPad Maxi

Truth rating: 10
Huge iPad Maxi

By Daniel Gates


Huge iPad Maxi


Have you seen the new giant iPad Maxi? Of course not… because it doesn’t exist. That didn’t stop Jimmy Kimmel from sending a crew out to the street, where they tricked people into thinking a huge desktop computer monitor was actually Apple’s latest version of the iPad.

Kimmel explained, “Yesterday, Apple released an invitation for an event at which they are expected to unveil the iPhone 6 and possibly even the first-ever smartwatch, so of course they are being hush-hush about it.” The talk show noted that Apple is rumored to be working on the largest iPad ever, so he took it upon himself to send a camera crew to Hollywood Blvd. to dupe Apple fans into believing a 27-inch computer monitor is actually a prototype for the iPad Maxi. It led to lots of confusion.

One college student said the product was “pretty nice,” adding that he would carry the monstrous screen to class and take selfies with it. Another fan said he would consider getting the other version, which is expected to be two inches smaller. But not everyone was a fan of the size of the “new iPad.” Check out the video below, and tell us what you think!

Note: Video no longer available.

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