Jimmy Kimmel Introduces Guessing Game “Diarrhea Or Silence?” About Bachelor Women’s Biggest Date Fears (VIDEO)

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Diarrhea Or Silence

By Michael Lewittes


Diarrhea Or Silence


Jimmy Kimmel made fun on Wednesday night’s show of the 30 women who will be vying for Iowa farmer Chris Soules when “The Bachelor” returns on January 5 (video below). After mocking how ABC is promoting season 19 by referring to Soules as “Prince Farming,” Kimmel noted that the new crop of ladies on the show are an “eclectic mix of mostly white women named Ashley.” But before introducing a new game about the women (more about that below), he said this year’s contestants are an “interesting group” comprising of an “astrophysicist from Cal Tech, a civil rights lawyer who is working to address racism in the court system, and an editor at the New York Review of Books.” Kimmel then admitted he was joking and that, once again, the women are mostly “hairstylists and flight attendants.”

As Gossip Cop previously reported, among the women looking for everlasting love with Soules are a WWE diva-in-training, a plus-size model, a sport fishing enthusiast, and a cadaver tissue saleswoman. Anyway, Kimmel went on to say that on ABC’s website page for “The Bachelor,” there’s a “very strange common thread” that’s emerged, based on what many of the women listed in their bios as their “biggest date fear.” He said, “A surprising number of the women chose ‘diarrhea’ as their biggest date fear and a few of the others wrote ‘silence,'” which is how he came up with a new guessing game for the audience called “Diarrhea Or Silence?”

Basically, Kimmel showed the photos of five upcoming contestants on “The Bachelor” named Becca, Kelsey, Jeulia, Nikki, and Trina, and had the audience guess whether their biggest date fear was “diarrhea” or silence.” Check out the video below, and tell us what you think. Note: Video no longer available.

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