VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Plays “BuzzFeed Bingo” To Invent Random List Topics

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Jimmy Kimmel BuzzFeed

By Daniel Gates


Jimmy Kimmel BuzzFeed


Jimmy Kimmel gently mocked BuzzFeed with a new segment called “BuzzFeed Bingo” on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” during which the host generated new ideas for the website’s popular lists by picking topics from spinning ball machines.

“Do you know the website Buzzfeed?” Kimmel asked the audience. “Buzzfeed is a very popular site, largely because of these lists, the Buzzfeed Lists. They come up with crazy lists,” he said citing “25 Truths Harry Potter Taught You About Friendship” and “19 Ways To Know You Are Not The Youngest Person At The Bar Anymore” as examples. He continued, “They are silly, but you cannot help but click on them.”

Kimmel explained that coming up with these lists can’t be easy, so he had his research and development team create “Buzzfeed Bingo” to help them out. Given that BuzzFeed’s real list topics manage to be both irresistible and incredibly random, the new ones Kimmel invented, like “4 Government Jobs Every Congressman Can’t Swallow Outside Coachella” and “11 Exotic Zoo Animals Will Smith Should Be Arrested For At Church Camp,” aren’t exactly far-fetched. An actual BuzzFeed editor was standing by to turn the winning list idea into an actual list for BuzzFeed, so expect to see that in your Facebook feed at some point soon. Check out the video below!

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