Jimmy Kimmel & Anthony Anderson’s Brothr App Finds Black Friends (VIDEO)

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Brothr App

By Daniel Gates


Brothr App


Are you white? Do you have black friends? Do you need more black friends? Jimmy Kimmel and Anthony Anderson might be able to help you out. On Wednesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” they introduced a great new app: Brothr. Watch the video below!

As Kimmel explains in his introduction, a recent analysis of social networks found that the average black person has eight white friends, but the typical white person has only one black friend. That’s clearly a problem, and Kimmel and his pal Anderson think they have the solution.

Brothr works kind of like Tinder or Grindr, helping to connect people. In this case, though, it specifically tries to find “black people nearby” for white people in desperate need of a black friend. “Brothr has turn-by-turn directions to where black people live,” explains Anderson, who also says the app can help white people with the “vocabulary” they need when meeting black people.

We see one eager young white man approach a potential black friend with a happy, “What’s up, motherf*cker?” The white guy asks, “Did you see that b*tch with that fat ass?” And just like that, the ice is broken. “Say something black!” the white man later asks his new pal, who replies, “O.J. is innocent!” Check out the Brothr app in the video from “Jimmy Kimmel Live” below, and tell us what you think.

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