Jimmy Kimmel Finds Out: How Long Before Someone Eats Abandoned Sushi? (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Kimmel Sushi Video

By Daniel Gates


Jimmy Kimmel Sushi Video


Jimmy Kimmel Live” asks and answers the important questions. For instance, “How Long Before Someone Eats Abandoned Sushi?” To find out, the show placed a plate of sushi on a stand in the middle of the Hollywood Boulevard sidewalk. A crudely written sign indicated, “Free Leftover Sushi.” There were no other instructions, and no indication that anything was being filmed.

Masses of pedestrians swarmed past the sushi without taking the bait, although a few tourists commented on it and one giddy gentleman even posed for pictures with it. But would someone actually pick up the chopsticks and eat the abandoned sushi? We won’t spoil the suspense.

The fun wasn’t over. Kimmel also wondered, “How Long Before Someone High Fives A Man With A Terrible Cough?” Oh, and what a horrible, hacking cough it was! Understandably, many of the people the seemingly sick high-fiver approached were less than interested in touching him. But would anyone go for it?

Finally, there was an exciting round of, “How Long Before Someone Eats Salad From A Clown’s Fork?” You read that correctly. And it was just as creepy and unpleasant as you might expect. But the results were shocking. Check out the video below, and tell us what you think!

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