VIDEO: Jimmy Fallon Pranked With Fake Snake During Cobra Charming On Tonight

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Jimmy Fallon Snake Prank

By Daniel Gates


Jimmy Fallon Snake Prank


Jimmy Fallon got pranked at the end of animal expert Jeff Musial’s segment on Monday’s “Tonight Show.” He thought he was charming a cobra. He was really lured into sheer terror. Watch the video below!

Musial’s appearance began with a gorgeous Siberian lynx before he brought out some horrifying Mexican tarantulas, which really made Fallon uncomfortable. As the tarantulas crawled on the host’s head, Fallon jokingly demanded that the show cut to a commercial break. He eventually collapsed to the ground, exhausted by the trauma.

The next guest was a kangaroo named Sydney (get it?!), and Fallon had no problem there. But Musial’s next move was to carefully place a basket on the host’s desk, telling Fallon there was a venomous cobra inside. Musial asked Fallon to charm the snake with a flute, and when that didn’t work, had him tap on the side of the basket with a hook.

Musial kept encouraging Fallon to get closer to the basket. Fallon looked panicked. He edged closer. Then even closer. And then Musial detonated the prank snake. Childish? Sure. Funny? You bet. Watch the video below, and tell us what you think.

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