Jimmy Fallon Plays “Pyramid” With Jeff Daniels, Usher And Nick Jonas On Tonight Show – WATCH VIDEO!

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Tonight Show Pyramid Game

By Michael Lewittes


Tonight Show Pyramid Game


Jimmy Fallon played a game of “Pyramid” on Monday’s “Tonight Show” with Jeff Daniels and guests stars Nick Jonas and Usher. Like the classic TV game show, there were two competing teams and each had to guess the answers in different categories. Daniels teamed up with Usher, while Fallon was paired with Jonas.

Daniels and Usher went first and chose the category “Get On Your Feet” about different dance moves. Daniels acted out several dances, prompting Usher to correctly answer the “Robot,” Moonwalk,” “Twerk,” and “Running Man.” Watching Daniels twerk was well worth it. Next up, Fallon picked the category “Fuggedaboutit,” which was about gangster movies. Jonas couldn’t guess one single film. He didn’t know Scarface, Goodfellas, The Usual Suspects or The Godfather. An annoyed Fallon complained that Jonas is “15-years-old” and had the category been about “‘Spongebob,’ we could have gotten all of them.”

It was Usher’s turn and he chose the category “Ew,” which were about things that are slimy. Daniels didn’t fare well with his guessing, only correctly answering “worm” and “oyster.” While Jonas wasn’t good at guessing, he was better at giving Fallon clues. His category was “It’s Not Easy Being Green,” words that rhyme with green, and he successfully got Fallon to answer “clean,” “wolverine,” “trampoline,” and “figurine.”

In the last round, Daniels had the category “It’s A Numbers Game,” and had to guess from Usher’s hints musical acts with numbers in their names. Daniels got “U2,” but missed “The Jackson 5.” And finally, Jonas picked “What About Bob? and had to give Fallon clues about famous people named Bob.

So, who won? Check out the video below, and tell us what you think.

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