Jimmy Fallon, Chris Pratt and Chris Evans Photobomb Super Bowl Fans (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Fallon Photobomb

By Daniel Gates


Jimmy Fallon Photobomb


Jimmy Fallon, Chris Pratt and Chris Evans photobombed a bunch of unsuspecting football fans at the NBC Super Bowl Red Carpet in Arizona over the weekend. Watch the video below!

While Pratt (Seahawks) and Evans (Patriots) may have supported different teams in the big game, the big screen superheroes came together for a common purpose on Monday’s “Tonight Show.” They joined Fallon for his latest installment of “Celebrity Photobomb,” posing for ridiculous and silly pictures behind unwitting NFL fans.

They made wacky faces. They gave each other piggy back rides. They pulled off a rare “triple hoagie” (see above), Pratt stuck the hoagie through his fly (like a penis!), Evans took a leap over Pratt’s shoulders, and all the while, none of the civilians seemed to notice until the picture had already been snapped.

When one guy noticed who was posing with him, he let out a stunned, “It’s Jimmy Fallon… and Captain America!” Indeed. Of course, Evans wound up having a better Super Bowl Sunday than Pratt, given the game’s outcome, but it seems like the two stars were having a good time no matter what happened. Fallon has done “Celebrity Photobomb” before, but this may be the best one yet. Watch the video below, and tell us what you think.

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