“Jimmy Fallon & Oprah In Hilarious Fake Soap Opera On Tonight Show (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Fallon Oprah Winfrey Tonight Show

By Michael Lewittes


Jimmy Fallon Oprah Winfrey Tonight Show


Oprah Winfrey was a guest on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show,” which was the first time she and host Jimmy Fallon had reunited ever since they did a soap opera together back in the 1980s. That was the premise behind a hilarious skit the two performed on the show. Fallon set it up by claiming he and Winfrey starred on a “great TV show” called “Midnight Meadows,” in which they played husband and wife, Broderick and Valentina Kensington (video below).

The one thing the two recalled, however, was that the director was an “interesting guy,” who liked to experiment with audio. “He did that thing with the voices,” said Winfrey, to which Fallon further explained, “He would change our voices during the scenes. I guess he thought it would make things more dramatic.” Both the late-night talk show host and Winfrey weren’t sure whether it helped or hurt the show, but fortunately Fallon said he had a clip for the audience to decide.

In the scene Fallon showed, following a real cheesy opening montage for “Midnight Meadows,” he was dressed in a smoking jacket and ascot, while Winfrey spoke in a breathy tone. “Valentina, you’ve been quite distant lately. I want you to answer this question, and I want you to answer it honestly,” his character Broderick began. “What is it darling?” Winfrey responded. Then, in a super high pitch, Fallon asked, “Are you seeing another man?” Similarly, in the same high octave, Winfrey responded, “How can you accuse me of such a thing?” After a little more overly dramatic dialogue, she then slapped him.

The scene then ended and, after a closing image sat frozen on the screen, Fallon and Winfrey were back on the normal set, where they discussed how their high voices were “distracting.” Fallon said the director understood their voices were too high, and then tried a different approach, and that he had yet another clip. In the second scene, their voices were so low that they sounded like aliens, which was hysterical as Winfrey’s Valentina said, “I will never forget all our wonderful memories together… walking on the beach, bathing together.”

After that episode, Fallon said he actually had a clip from the third episode in which the director switched things up and “changed the pitches mid-sentence.” In that final scene Fallon’s Broderick finds a pair of keys and confronts his wife about them, believing she is cheating on him, all while having his voice auto-tuned to sound like a T-Pain song. Winfrey’s Valentino is also auto-tuned and, mocking her old show, says the keys are to Fallon’s “brand new car!” He then repeats in auto tune, “I’m getting a new car, and I’m getting a new car, and I’m getting a new car!”

After the third and final episode, Fallon told Winfrey how honored he was to have worked with her and noted, “I think those clips hold up.” Check out the sketch below, and tell us what you think.

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