VIDEO: Jimmy Fallon & Nathan Lane Brawl On Violent ‘Tonight Show’

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Jimmy Fallon Nathan Lane Fight

By Daniel Gates


Jimmy Fallon Nathan Lane Fight


An enraged Jimmy Fallon lunged over his desk and attacked Nathan Lane on Friday’s “Tonight Show.” Of course, the whole thing was a staged bit. (Come on, you didn’t think Fallon was the sort to actually attack his guests, did you?)

Lane and Matthew Broderick were on hand to promote their new Broadway play, but Lane was still miffed about losing an Emmy to Fallon last month. Lane tried to ignore the late-night host by playing on his cell phone, prompting Fallon to ask if he had gotten a new iPhone. “No, it’s not the new iPhone. I can’t afford the new iPhone,” Lane responded. “Things have been a little tough for me Jimmy since I lost the guest actor Emmy to you.” Lane noted that it was his sixth nomination without winning and the second time he lost to Fallon.

Tensions escalated until Fallon tackled Lane, with Broderick trying desperately to preserve order. “Guys! Guys! Guys! It’s just show business,” Broderick told them. “It’s not that important. There are a lot of problems in the world. We all want to entertain people and help out, so don’t take it so seriously.” But Lane and Fallon got into another brawl after Broderick convinced them to shake hands. After their faux fight, the trio played a quick game in which they switched places and impersonated each other.

Check out the videos below!

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