VIDEO: Kevin Hart & Jimmy Fallon Smack Each Other With Giant Hands For ‘Slapjack’

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Kevin Hart Jimmy Fallon Slapjack

By Daniel Gates


Kevin Hart Jimmy Fallon Slapjack


Kevin Hart joined Jimmy Fallon for an intense game of “Slapjack” on Thursday’s “Tonight Show.” It’s like blackjack, except the loser gets smacked in the head with a giant prosthetic hand. Watch the video below!

Before things got underway, Hart had a complaint. “I’m just a little pissed off that I couldn’t get a black hand,” he told Fallon. “You couldn’t get me a black hand on Martin Luther King Weekend?” Sadly, it appears the props department hadn’t planned ahead, so Hart had to hit Fallon with his giant Caucasian hand.

The host and Hart traded some entertaining banter during the blackjack hands, including Hart’s joke, “They call ’17’ the mother-in-law… because you want to hit it, but sometimes you can’t.” Who won the game? Does it really matter? It’s all about watching Fallon and Hart beat each other up with giant fake hands!

It’s been quite the week for card games with a twist on the “Tonight Show.” Fallon and Chris Hemsworth played a fierce game of Water War that left the Thor actor soaking wet. Watch the video of Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart smacking each other with comically huge prosthetic hands in the “Tonight Show” video below.

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