Allison Williams Teaches Jimmy Fallon How To Fly On Tonight Show (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Fallon Allison Williams Flying Peter Pan

By Michael Lewittes


Jimmy Fallon Allison Williams Flying Peter Pan


Allison Williams taught Jimmy Fallon how to fly during her appearance on Monday’s “Tonight Show.” Williams, who plays Peter Pan in the upcoming NBC musical production of “Peter Pan Live,” noted that flying for the first time is a magical experience. “The coolest thing is the first time you go up into the air,” she explained. “I’ve watched a couple of people do it the first time and it is just… Everyone has the same expression on their face, which is just utter joy, and then a couple seconds later, pain. It’s a harness. It’s pretty uncomfortable, but I just love watching people take flight for the first time.” Williams then asked Fallon, “Would you like to fly right now?”

Fallon was ready to go, and he even pulled out his own Peter Pan hat for the occasion. “I don’t know if this is gonna be good,” he warned Williams. “It looks painful,” he said as Williams showed him his harness. “Just one foot in here sweetie,” she joked while helping him strap on the equipment. Fallon noted, “I think my bits are where the bits should be.”

Williams advised Fallon to “think wonderful, lovely thoughts” before he took flight. While in the air, he sang, “I’m flying! I am flying.” The actress then prompted Fallon how to do some cool tricks, including a flip. “Peter Pan Live” airs on December 4. Check out the magical video below, and tell us what you think!

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