Jimmy Fallon and Carol Burnett Star In ’90s Soap Opera Tensions — WATCH VIDEO!

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Jimmy Fallon Carol Burnett Tensions Tonight Show

By Michael Lewittes


Jimmy Fallon Carol Burnett Tensions Tonight Show


Jimmy Fallon and Carol Burnett shared “clips” from a short-lived (mock) ’90s soap opera they starred in called “Tensions” on Monday’s “Tonight Show.”

The late-night host and legendary comedian reminisced about playing husband and wife on the fictional soap, explaining that the plots were just “too tense” for television. “I was a cougar,” Burnett recalled of her role. And Fallon noted the show was “ahead of its time.” It was very much like an old “Carol Burnett Show” sketch, complete with the two stars trying not to break character and laugh.

In the first scene, Fallon and Burnett have a stare down after the actress reveals she put half and half, not milk, in his coffee. When Fallon said, “Fine!” Burnett smacked him and threw her coffee in his face.

Back on the stage, Burnett recalled that the scenes got even more tense before they showed another clip. On the second episode of “Tensions,” the two argued over the time. Burnett questioned Fallon about whether it was really 3:24. Part of the hilarity also comes from the talk show host and Burnett running back and forth, from the fake set to his desk and the guests’ couch, in between each “clip” from “Tensions.” Let’s just say Fallon ends up covered in a lot of coffee.

Check out the funny video below, and tell us what you think!

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