Jim Carrey Got “Freaky” With Four Women And Paint?

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By Michael Lewittes

Jim Carrey Paint

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Jim Carrey‘s WILD NIGHT!” blares a headline in Star, which claims to have the scoop behind a supposedly crazy party involving “booze, pot and four women!” When did this party happen? The magazine doesn’t seem to know.

But the tabloid does say Carrey “got completely freaky” with the women after friend Frederic Meschin allegedly invited them to the actor’s house to help cheer up Carrey sometime after his split from Jenny McCarthy. An “eyewitness” claims Carrey “couldn’t wait to play host and cater to them – he wanted to get down and dirty as soon as possible!”

Apparently, pot and alcohol were only part of the equation. “Jim started painting all over a blank wall in his living room and acting bizarre,” according to the story. “He then suggested that Karyna [one of his female guests] strip so he could paint her body and use it as a giant ‘brush.'”

“The next thing you know, Karyna dropped her clothes and Jim smeared black paint all over her naked body,” says a so-called “source.” “He was rubbing his hands all over her bare flesh and roughly pressing her up against the wall,” continues the “source.” “He even got a ladder so she could leave marks higher up.” Hmm.

As fascinating as Carrey’s supposed approach to home renovation is, Star has painted over the truth. A rep for the star tells Gossip Cop the story is “absolutely false.” Carrey himself was really amused by Star‘s story. “I wish I was having that much fun,” he tells us. “I once painted a girl, and it was a blast.”

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