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Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy Not Working on Reconciliation

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By Daniel Gates


In Touch took a short break from obsessing over teenage breasts to take a stab at relationship reporting.

It did not go well.

“They’ve been broken up for months and are even dating other people, but Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy haven’t given up on their relationship,” claims the tabloid.

Carrey and McCarthy, who tweeted their breakup back in April, are “trying to work things out and have turned to a professional relationship expert” in an effort to reconcile, a “friend” tells In Touch.

“It’s a long shot at best,” a source admits.

Well, “long shot” is one way of putting it when a magazine tries to fill space by hurling a baseless rumor at the wall and hoping it sticks.

A source close to Carrey tells Gossip Cop it’s “not true.”

Like Carrey’s Ace Ventura character, In Touch is just talking out of its butt.

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