Jim Carrey Does Ventriloquist Act With Jeff Daniels Dummy On Tonight Show (VIDEO)

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Jim Carrey Jeff Daniels Doll

By Michael Lewittes


Jim Carrey Jeff Daniels Doll


Jim Carrey made a surprise visit to the “Tonight Show” on Monday, and brought along a ventriloquist dummy that looked like Jeff Daniels’ character Harry Dunne from the Dumb And Dumber films. Carrey explained to an amused Jimmy Fallon that he sculpted the fairly identical puppet, complete with long, shaggy blond hair and powder blue tuxedo, because he’s going abroad to promote their latest film, Dumb And Dumber To, but Daniels can’t travel with him because he’s working on a film called The Martian. Carrey added he made the doll so that “we can always be together,” to which the Daniels puppet then interjected, “Creepy!”

The Daniels puppet went on to make a number of ventriloquist jokes about how Carrey can be “controlling,” “manipulating” and “always up my ass.” Hilariously, the doll pointed out to Carrey that he’s not a good ventriloquist. “Hey, Jim, they can see your lips moving,” said the Daniels dummy, as it covered Carrey’s mouth with one of its hands. Carrey explained to a laughing Fallon,”I just love me some Jeff Daniels… and I miss him.” The comedian and the puppet then sang a song about how much they think about each other every day.

Carrey has been making the late night rounds, doing goofy bits. The comedic actor recently tested David Letterman for ebola on “The Late Show” and gave pedestrians in Hollywood bowl haircuts while on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Check out the video below of Carrey and the Jeff Daniels dummy on the “Tonight Show, and tells us what you think. Note: Video no longer available.

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