VIDEO: Jim Carrey Gives Strangers Bowl Haircuts On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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Jim Carrey Bowl Cut Jimmy Kimmel Live

By Michael Lewittes


Jim Carrey Bowl Cut Jimmy Kimmel Live


Jim Carrey gave lucky strangers on Hollywood Boulevard bowl haircuts inspired by his Dumb and Dumber character Lloyd during a hilarious appearance on Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” As Kimmel explained, “In 1994, when Dumb and Dumber came out, the most famous haircut for women was the ‘Rachel,’ and the most famous haircut for men was the ‘Lloyd,’ which Jim Carrey wore.”

The actor literally set up a barber shop on the street. Carrey is reprising his role in the new Dumb and Dumber To, and according to the actor, “everybody” wants his character’s famous haircut. The comedian noted that he had never cut anyone’s hair before, but was “willing to try.”

Carrey’s first customer was a man with beautiful long locks. “Wow, he’s almost got like a Chris Hemsworth caliber head of hair there,” observed Kimmel. In order to recreate the Lloyd cut, Carrey put a large silver bowl over his victim’s head. After Carrey transformed him into Lloyd, the excited man noted, “I am psyched. Jim Carrey just cut my hair.”

The next person eager for a haircut happened to be a woman. “A female!” exclaimed Kimmel. “This is going to be even more interesting.” Carrey insisted that he knew what he was doing at this point, so he just started chopping away. By the time the haircut was over, the woman had the shape of Carrey’s hand shaved onto her head. “That is unexpected,” Kimmel said of the final results. Carrey explained, “It symbolizes the control I have over the minds of my fans.” You have to check out the hilarious video below!

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