Jillian Michaels Fires Back at Biggest Loser Cheating Allegations (VIDEO)

Truth rating: 10

By Shari Weiss


Jillian Michaels is firing back at claims she cheated on “The Biggest Loser.” As seen on this past Tuesday’s episode, the trainer was called out for allegedly trying to skirt the weight loss competition’s regulations when it comes to the use of supplements.

“Last week Jillian broke the rules and gave caffeine supplements to each member of her team without a doctor’s permission,” host Allison Sweeney announced (see video below). Sweeney went on to explain that the revelation makes the prior week’s elimination null and void, allowing Ruben Studdard to return to the show after being eliminated earlier this month.

But Michaels is adamant that her actions do not constitute as cheating, noting that “the issue is not whether caffeine can be used by contestants, it is whether the caffeine is provided by a trainer or by the producers.” The fitness pro argues that if the supplement is allowed, it shouldn’t matter who delivers it.

“I felt it is much safer and healthier for the contestants, who are losing significant weight, to have regulated doses of caffeine, which is allowed on the show to provide an energy boost, rather than having unlimited caffeine,” Michaels further explains. It’s worth nothing that caffeine pills, along with multivitamins, have been perfectly acceptable in past seasons as well, and the use of them has been discussed openly.


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