CLAIM: Jessica Simpson Planning to Write Novels

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By Daniel Gates


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“Desperate to ditch her ‘dumb blonde’ reputation, Jessica Simpson has decided to become an author!” declares the National Enquirer, which is always up for some dubious Simpson rumor mongering.

According to the tabloid, the entrepreneur has no desire to return to acting, but wants to prove herself in another area. “Jessica is mortified that she’s still widely regarded as a bimbo,” explains a so-called “insider” for the Enquirer. “She’s proven herself as a successful fashion designer, witty TV host and weight-loss guru. But no matter what she does, it’s as though people only see her as a busty dingbat.” So Simpson is now “ready to conquer the literary world,” says the magazine.

According to another Enquirer source, “Jessica’s convinced the best way to reinvent her image is to write books, the first of which will be a self-help guide drawing on her life experiences.”

“She’s also talking about writing fiction and some romance novels,” the same tab tipster continues. “Jess loved reading ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and told hubby Eric, ‘I could’ve written that!’ She’s convinced she’s got what it takes to be a successful author because pretty much everything she’s ever touched has turned to gold.”

Don’t you hate it when your fake source, giving a fake quote, forgets to be consistent, calling the same person both “Jessica” and “Jess” in the same paragraph? In any case, this Enquirer report is as fictional as the romance novels the mag thinks Simpson is going to write.

A source close to the star tells Gossip Cop she is NOT becoming an author of novels.

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