Jessica Simpson Wedding Turning Into “Absolute Nightmare,” Claims Magazine

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By Shari Weiss

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“Jessica’s Dream Wedding Gone Wrong,” blares a headline in Life & Style, which claims Jessica Simpson’s plans to tie the knot are “turning into an absolute nightmare, thanks to a pair of bitter family feuds, including a rivalry with younger sis Ashlee.”

What’s supposedly going on? The magazine writes, “Intent on stealing some of Jessica’s thunder for herself, Ashlee has chosen to work with her sister’s wedding planner, Mindy Weiss, and scheduled her nuptials for less than two months later.” Gossip Cop would like to point out that Weiss is a huge celebrity wedding planner and everyone uses her, she’s hardly exclusive to Simpson. Anyway, an “insider” tells Life & Style, “Jess thinks Ashlee wants a big wedding bash because she lives in her shadow. It’s become a real battle of the brides.”

“Ashlee’s done nothing to help her sister plan the wedding,” the alleged tipster continues. “At this point, it sounds like Jess doesn’t even care if she’s there.” And it sounds like Life & Style “doesn’t even care” about the facts, like that the siblings have been nothing but supportive of each other throughout the wedding process. The tabloids have created the “battle of the brides,” because they love dramatically pitting two women, especially sisters, against each other. So, what else does Life & Style have to support its bold wedding “nightmare” claim?

Well, the outlet alleges that “Jess’ decision to have her father officiate the ceremony has enraged her mom,” noting that Simpson’s divorced parents supposedly “can’t even be in the same room together.” Apparently, because the story wasn’t enough of a hodgepodge already, Life & Style throws in some baloney about the singer’s body for good measure. “As her dream unravels,” writes the tab, “Jess is exerting control over the only thing she can: her weight. And that’s getting out of hand.”

A so-called Life & Style “source” claims, “She’s obsessed with being thinner. She’s skinnier than she’s been in years, but she’s taking it too far,” with the magazine ridiculously saying that Simpson “could wind up practically swimming in her gown on her big day.” If it seems like Life & Style is grasping at straws and throwing things against the wall to see what sticks, that’s because it is.

This is the same tabloid that claimed Simpson’s wedding was set for December 2012 and earlier this year alleged Ashlee was pregnant. Conveniently, neither busted rumor is mentioned in this new mess of a story. A source close to Simpson tells Gossip Cop that, once again, Life & Style’s allegations are all “false.”

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