CLAIM: Jessica Simpson Asked By Mom to “Keep An Eye” on “Troubled” Ashlee

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By Daniel Gates


Jessica Simpson On Mother’s Orders To Keep An Eye On Hard Partying Ashlee,” reads a headline from RadarOnline, which has been embarrassingly wrong about the family in the past.

The webloid, which time and again shows it knows next little about the Simpsons, claims in a new story that “Jessica Simpson has been discreetly told by mom Tina to keep an eye on troubled little sister Ashlee.”

Ashlee “somewhat curtailed her hard partying lifestyle in recent weeks with the help of her family, but Tina believes that being under the watchful eye of Jessica can only helps matters,” writes RadarOnline. The site goes on to quote a “source close to the Simpson family” who says, “Tina’s asked Jessica to look out for Ashlee and make sure she doesn’t start partying too hard once again.”

“With Jessica focusing on her second pregnancy, she’s a calming influence on Ashlee because she doesn’t want to go out on the town,” explains the site’s alleged snitch. “Instead, she prefers family nights in relaxing and has encouraged Ashlee to join them when they are all together, which she has been doing.”

And while “Ashlee’s been looking a lot more like her old self lately [and] appears a lot healthier [sic],” RadarOnline’s supposed tipster further alleges that “Tina has told Jessica to keep an eye on the situation, just like she is, to see if Ashlee falls back into her bad old ways again.”

So, what’s the blog’s evidence that Jessica has been “keeping an eye” on her sister? RadarOnline cites their joint appearance at a North Carolina store last weekend. You know, the exact same kind of appearance the sisters have been making together for years (see photos below).

In other words, RadarOnline still has NO CLUE what’s going on with the Simpson family, but is more than happy to sensationalize a non-story. Gossip Cop has an actual family insider, who tells us it’s “ridiculous” and “not true” that Tina asked Jessica to “keep an eye” on Ashlee.







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