Jessica Simpson’s Mysterious Toilet Tweet: Special Investigation


By Daniel Gates


Late Monday, Jessica Simpson tweeted a photograph of (presumably) her feet dangling from a toilet, along with the words “Short girl problems.”

It was the type of amusing little moment we see more and more often with Twitter allowing celebrities the chance to share (certain) private experiences. But then Gossip Cop read Us Weekly‘s take on the toilet tweet… and questions began to, um, swirl.

According to the report, Simpson “encountered some difficulties in the ladies room at posh department store Bergdorf Goodman.” To which we responded… huh? Simpson was snapping photos in a department store bathroom? And why would she be barefooted in a public restroom at all?

While Bergdorf may be “posh,” we were a little surprised that Simpson would do this. In fact, Simpson never said she was in the Bergdorf Goodman bathroom – all she sent was the pic and the “Short girl problems” joke. After all, why would there be what appears to be a bidet in a department store restroom?

But there’s an even more important question than where the toilet is, and that’s: Who took the photo? For that matter, maybe Simpson just found a random funny photo online and sent it out to followers. Gossip Cop is trying to get to the, um, bottom of it all. We’ll update with answers.

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