Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson Hired Therapist For Tantric Sex, Claims Magazine

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By Daniel Gates

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“Sex-mad Jessica Simpson and fiance Eric Johnson have hired a therapist to ramp up their already randy bedroom antics!” reports the National Enquirer, which has published inaccurate stories about the couple for years. A “longtime pal” tells the tabloid that Simpson “signed up for weekly sessions with an expert in the Indian practice of tantric sex after reading about rock star Sting’s five-hour tantric romps with wife Trudie Styler.”

“Jessica and Eric are incredibly in sync, but practicing tantric sex has brought them even closer,” explains the mag’s tipster. How nice! The Enquirer then explains that tantric sex has a spiritual element, and is considered a “path to enlightenment.” Johnson “is a big fan of Eastern religions and martial arts,” says the tabloid’s insider. “He meditates regularly and he’s gotten Jessica into it too.”

Oh, really? Because that’s the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what the Enquirer said in a made-up story back in May, when it claimed that Simpson was driving Johnson “nuts” with her purported yoga and meditation obsession. The Enquirer should really try to keep its b.s. stories straight. So has the couple actually hired a sex therapist for tantric adventures? NO. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the story is fake.

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National Enquirer

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson hired a sex therapist.

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